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The Wells Project

We will act, because we love, and we love because we are loved. Loved by a God that conquered sin, overcame death, and guaranteed that everything will be made right. We want to make things right.

We want people to have clean water. We want the church to be unified, to be known for what it’s doing rather than what it doesn’t do or who it doesn’t love. We believe the church can change, and that it will change the world.

For this to happen, we must start acting now. We can stop this, maybe not in one day or one year, but in our lifetime everyone will have access to safe clean water.


We do

In short, we are students who advocate for clean water in places that are without.

Students across the country are taking part in The Wells Project. Take action and become a part of the movement.

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Become an advocate, take a stand. Together we can change the world, but we must start acting now.

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RT @10Days: We’ve raised more than $64,000 for clean water! That’s worth smiling about. Donation deadline is December 4. https://t.co/fDn4D…